Winter 2015

By custom, most years (though not
every), the LRI confers a Service
Award in recognition of outstanding
contributions to the well-being of the
Institute and the furtherance of its
mission. This year, the Service Award
goes to John and Margaret Denson of
Houston. Their substantial support
for Research Assistantships at the LRI

launched a vital program. Assis-
tantships support worthy young

scholars during their doctoral work,

who, in turn, provide invaluable logis-
tical support for our programs. In

fact, we could hardly function with-
out them. Nothing succeeds like suc-
cess, and the Densons’ initial gift

helped us attract over $120k in sup-
port for this program. To John, who

passed away two years ago, and to
Margaret Denson, then, our immense
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