July 2020

Dear friends, In my May Bulletin, I wrote about how the pandemic has thrown all our plans into disarray. The Lonergan Research Institute however is beginning to find our bearing in this new situation, and I am pleased to share some of that with you. Please follow and like us:

May 2020

Dear friends, In my January Bulletin, I wrote about various plans that were in the works. Unfortunately, as we are all painfully aware, the last few months have thrown all our plans into disarray. Likewise, I spoke about the energy and excitement that comes with a new decade. As it turned out, the energy of …

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January 2020

Greetings one and all, A new decade always brings new energy and new possibilities. In the case of the Lonergan Research Institute, this new decade corresponds with celebrating the completed Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan. Thank you again to all those who have participated in and supported this project in various ways over the last …

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November 2019

Greetings one and all, It is finished! The twenty-fifth and final volume of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan— Archival Papers: Early Works on History— has been published. Congratulations and thanks are due to Robert Doran and John Dadosky for editing the final volume, and also to the many women and men who have contributed …

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August 2019

Greetings one and all, These last few months have seen some wonderful developments at the Lonergan Research Institute. Perhaps most delightful is that in May our long-time senior research assistant, Robin Boeré, successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation, entitled “Can a Child Choose Death? Childist Ethics in Light of Terminal Illness and Euthanasia.” Congratulations, Dr. Boeré! …

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April 2019

Greetings one and all. This bulletin brings exceedingly good tidings: University of Toronto Press has received the twenty-fifth and final volume of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Archival Materials. Congratulations are due to Robert Doran and John Dadosky for this work. As the CWL project nears completion after more than thirty years, I am …

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December 2018

This past term has been a busy one at the Lonergan Research Institute. The biggest news is that volume nine of the Collected Works, The Redemption, was published in November. Congratulations and thanks to Robert Doran, H. Daniel Monsour, Jeremy Wilkins for their work as editors and Michael G. Shields for his work as translator. …

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Summer 2018

Transitions The Lonergan Research Institute has been undergoing a number of significant transitions as of late. The most obvious is the hire of a new Executive Director, and speaking as that director I am excited, honoured, and frankly humbled to be joining this storied institution. The transition to a new director accounts in large part …

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Spring 2017

   Lonergan’s series of essays entitled A Third Collection is now available as volume sixteen of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan thanks one again to the collaborative editorial work of Bob Doran and JOhn Dadosky. This volume continues to demonstrate the disciplined dedication, archival attention, and scholarly differentiation that have come to be …

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Summer 2017

   Members of the Institute, as well as members of the wider Lonergan community here in Toronto attended a number of diverse and exciting academic conferences this summer. In June one of our associate research assistants, Robyn Boeré, participated in a panel discussion entitled “Marching as to War: Children and Battle Imagery in Healthcare”, …

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