April 6, 2023

Dear friends,

I am writing with positive news: I fully expect that we will return to in-person events come this fall (although I hope also to maintain a hybrid component for those who are not local). I had been reluctant to do so this past academic year, as the pandemic is not entirely over—but it seems like we are at a point where this can be done with a reasonable degree of safety. Our first event this coming fall will likely be a seminar involving Karen Peterson Finch of Presbyterian College (McGill), engaging with her recent book Grassroots Ecumenism: The Way of Local Christian Reunion (New City Press, 2022). Details TBD.

We are also looking to start up reading groups this coming September. Regis Ph.D. student, LRI Graduate Assistant, and current editor of the Lonergan Studies Newsletter, Patrick Nolin intends to lead a group on volume three of the late Robert Doran’s The Trinity in History. At least one other reading group is also being considered. The exact details and format are also TBD.

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