Our Mission

The mission of the Lonergan Research Institute is to preserve, promote, develop and implement the achievement of Bernard Lonergan, S.J. An apostolate of the Jesuits in English Canada, we pursue our mission in collaboration with a global network of Lonergan centres and scholars, and in partnership with Regis College, the Jesuit faculty of theology at the University of Toronto.

Researchers and practitioners around the world draw upon Father Lonergan’s achievements for their own work in service to charity, truth, and justice. Beyond the rigour of essential academic research, Lonergan’s thought has inspired programs of economic co-operation, social reconciliation, cultural renewal, personal integration, religious transformation, and university and secondary education. In quiet service to them all stands the Lonergan Research Institute with its mission to preserve, promote, develop, and implement Fr Lonergan’s legacy. We are the custodians of Father Lonergan’s archives and the centre for the production of his Collected Works. But we also mean to leaven the culture and renew Christian thought as a centre for advanced theological and philosophical research at the University of Toronto, one of the leading research universities in the world.

The Institute preserves Lonergan’s achievement by housing his papers, personal library, and personal effects in a secure, climate-controlled environment. Lonergan’s voice recordings have been digitally remastered in partnership with Marquette University. His papers have been scanned and digitally preserved.

The Institute promotes Lonergan’s work by sponsoring the production of Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, in partnership with the University of Toronto Press and with the generous support of the Malliner Charitable Foundation. Our quarterly Lonergan Studies Newsletter provides an annotated bibliography, news, and events of interest to the Lonergan community. We organize ongoing reading groups for the study of Lonergan’s writings.

The Institute develops and implements Lonergan’s achievement through the projects, conference participation, and publications of our Research Scholars. We sponsor an annual Lonergan Lecture and an ongoing series of Graduate Seminars. We support younger scholars with our annual Frederick E. Crowe Bursary, with Research Assistantships funded by generous grants from the Denson Family Foundation and other partners, and with occasional grants to support the participation of our graduate students in academic conferences.

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