The Lonergan Research Institute has an exhaustive collection of primary and secondary literature on Bernard Lonergan, including an extensive collection of doctoral dissertations from around the world.

In the spring of 2010 most of the holdings (759 books and 23 serials) were added to the University of Toronto SIRSI Library online catalogue system. Of these volumes, 306 books and 1 serial did not exist previously anywhere else in the UT library system. Acquisitions are now added to SIRSI. Approximately 25 books and 300 bound theses have not been added. Work on these volumes will resume in the new academic year.

Scholars around the world will find the LRI holdings listed in SIRSI under the Regis College Library, with the location noted as “Lonergan Research Institute.” The location code follows the LRI legacy coding system. A guide to these codes is available onsite. The collection is non-circulating and may be used in the LRI Library during regular business hours.

The current holdings of doctoral dissertations in the Lonergan Research Institute library are available here. Doctoral students specializing in Lonergan Studies are encouraged to donate a copy of their completed work (in either bound or unbound form). Please contact the librarian for more information.

Scholars and students interested in Lonergan Studies are welcome to use the library. When courses are in session at Regis College, please contact Jonathan Bernier to set up an appointment.

Contributed copies of new publications and completed dissertations are welcomed for inclusion in the Lonergan Research Institute Library. Please forward by regular surface mail to the Lonergan Research Institute, Regis College, 100 Wellesley Street West Toronto ON, Canada M5S 2Z5. Thank you to all who share their work with us.

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