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A graduate seminar presented by Thomas Reynolds, Associate Professor at Emmanual College in the Toronto School of Theology, with a response by Ronald Kuipers, Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto.

Professor Reynolds has a special interest in the questions posed to Christian narrative identity by hermeneutical philosophy. He is the author of two books exploring themes of hospitality, communion, and solidarity. He is also an Associate Scholar of the LRI. Ronald Kuipers is the author of a monograph on the public role and accountability of religious communities, and of a critical introduction to the thought of Richard Rorty. The Institute for Christian Studies is an independent partner of the Toronto School of Theology.

The paper will be available a week in advance, via email attachment (requests may be directed to [email protected]), or from the front desk of Regis College.

Meetings of the LRI Graduate Seminar take place at Regis College, classroom C. They are free and open to the public, and followed by light refreshments.

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