A reception in honor of Fr Michael Shields, SJ will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 28, from 2-4 pm at Regis College.

Fr Michael celebrated his fiftieth jubilee of priesthood this year. He also celebrates 33 years of service to the Lonergan Research Institute. At the end of October he semi-retired however, following the example of other recent Regis “retirees,” Fr. Shields continues to work part time on various projects for the Institute.

Fr. Shields entered the Society of Jesus in 1948. He is a Latin and Greek scholar and over the past five decades he has inspired many as a teacher at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, and as a teacher, Rector and retreat staff in Guelph. He also acted as Socius to the Provincial in the 70s. In the autumn of 1980, he came to the then-Lonergan Centre to assist its founder, Frederick Crowe SJ, as the Centre’s executive director. In 1984, the Centre was reconstituted as the Lonergan Research Institute, with Fr. Shields as librarian and translator of Lonergan’s Latin works, a position he has held ever since. Fr. Shields has translated over 40 unpublished archival works and material for five volumes (so far) in the Collected Works series, or, as he estimates, over 1.2 million Latin words into 1.7 million English words!

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