Applied Quantitative Methods for Non-quantitative Doctoral Researchers in Organization and Management Studies (7 – 9 May 2012)

Assistant Professor Wencke Gwozdz and Associate Professor Charles T. Tackney

Course Coordinator
Assistant Professor Wencke Gwozdz

Prerequisite/progression of the course

Participants must be enrolled as Ph.D. students in an institution of tertiary education.A precondition for receiving the course diploma is that the student attend the whole course.Doctoral students face a range of challenges concerning empirical methods. We first survey registered students to learn more about their particular research interests and perceived skilling needs, and adjust the specific quantitative methods content of the course to ensure instruction and practical application of appropriate quantitative research methods.

Aim of the course

We first assess the perceived quantitative methods skills and needs of doctoral students that participate in the course through a pre-course survey. In the course, we introduce and train students in the targeted statistical tools within a pedagogic context of a general empirical method that recognizes the complementarity between qualitative and quantitative methods. This should significantly help prepare students for the particular challenges they immediately face as well as any future methods issue that may arise in the course of a post-doctoral career that involves organizational and management research.

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