When Friday, 24 May 2013 to Sunday, 26 May 2013

A notice to our community from the organizers of the Australian Lonergan Workshop 2013 (ALW2013):

“This is advanced notice of the Australian Lonergan Workshop and a call for papers.

(i) Our biennial Australian Lonergan Workshop will be held over the weekend of May 24th-26th 2013. It will begin in the evening of Friday 24th May and run through to mid-afternoon (about 3pm) of Sunday 26th May

(ii) The Workshop will be held in Melbourne (most probably at the Thomas Carr Centre, Victoria Parade, East Melbourne – this will be confirmed at later date)

(iii) The theme for the workshop is “From Polarisation to Collaboration”

In keeping with our tradition, the Workshop will encourage active participation. To this end, we are seeking your participation in the Workshop through:

(i) preparing and presenting a paper on some aspect of the theme

(ii) preparing and facilitating a workshop on some aspect of the theme

(iii) presenting a report or reflection on recent work you may have done on Lonergan’s writings. This could be in the form of  a work-in-progress report or a recent achievement report on something already completed.

(iv) group discussion of two Lonergan texts

Some possible aspects of the theme you might consider for papers and workshops include:

• bias and its solution (Cosmopolis) in Insight, Chapter 7

• Lonergan’s call for collaboration in Insight, Chapter 20

• Functional Specialties underpinning collaboration Method in Theology, esp chapters 5, 10)

Finally, there will be a group discussion of two Lonergan texts (an article or an excerpt). We have yet to confirm our selection, but if you have any specific request in this regard, please let us know.

Hope to see you in May,

John Little  [email protected]

Sean McNelis  [email protected]

Tom Halloran [email protected]

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