Crowe Bursary

The annual Frederick E. Crowe Bursary has been established by the Lonergan Research Institute at Regis College in honor of Frederick E. Crowe, S.J. Father Crowe’s lifetime of loving labor on and for the ideas of Bernard Lonergan includes his establishment of the Toronto Lonergan Center, the precursor of the Lonergan Research Institute, in 1971.

The purpose of the Bursary is to encourage Lonergan studies on the part of younger scholars. The Bursary will be awarded to the proposal that best promises to advance Lonergan studies. Possible uses include but are not limited to supporting events, course projects, conference attendance, and the preparation and publication of scholarly work. You may read more about recent recipients of the award here.

Details regarding the 2021 bursary will be posted shortly.


  • Eligible applicants are undergraduate or graduate students, or have completed an earned doctorate within three years of applying for the bursary.
  • Eligible projects may occur within the year of application or the following year, but the application, or at least notice of intent to apply, must be received prior to the commencement of the proposed use.

How to Apply

  • A statement, no more than 300 words, outlining the proposed use of the Bursary, and the relationship of that use to the purposes of the Bursary.
  • The name of a professor or faculty colleague willing to provide a reference.
  • Applications may be submitted by email or to our mailing address.
  • Applications received after the deadline (December 15) will not be considered.


The successful applicant will deliver a report (no more than 300 words) on the use of the award, within six months of concluding the project or use proposed.

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