Volume 11, The Triune God: Doctrines. We are waiting for the first page proofs. Publication is expected in the
next few months.

Volume 22, Early Works in Theological Method 1. The manuscript is at the press, being read by two preliminary
reviewers. The volume contains material from the 1962, 1964, and 1968 lectures on method.

Volume 19, Early Latin Theology. Mike Shields, Danny Monsour, and Bob Doran are working almost
exclusively on this volume at the present time, and work is approximately half done.

Volume 14, Method in Theology. Bob Croken is beginning the tedious but necessary work of reading the manuscript against the transcripts of the 1969, 1970, and 1971 institutes, where Lonergan was reading from the manuscript. He is beginning with the 1970 institute at Boston College, since Bob Doran already prepared the transcript from the audio recordings.

Bob Doran’s work as General Editor is supported by Marquette University.