Lonergan Research Institute New HomeJune 16th (Final) Update: Our physical relocation to the heart of the University of Toronto’s campus has invited us to reflect about the vision that will guide the implementation of our mission for the next twenty years.

For the past twenty years, the Institute’s energies have been focused almost exclusively on the massive project of publishing the volumes of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan. With the financial support of the Malliner Charitable Foundation, editorial leadership of Fred Crowe and Bob Doran, the intellectual collaboration of Michael Shields, Pat Byrne, Bob Croken, Charles Hefling, Fred Lawrence, Philip McShane, and Danny Monsour, this undertaking has passed the half way point with building momentum and should be completed within the coming eight years. With the construction of a fireproofed and climate controlled facility, the challenge of preserving Father Lonergan’s papers will be complete. And thanks to the collaboration of Marquette University and the cooperation of the Malliner Charitable Foundation, the additional task of making the archival papers available to the scholarly community is now also proceeding.

With appropriate foresight, friends, staff and directors of the Institute have begun to reflect about future program directions and the resources needed to sustain our efforts for the next twenty years. Beyond maintaining our commitment to the preservation of Father Lonergan’s thought, our focus is expanding to place additional emphasis on the promotion, development and implementation of his significant intellectual contribution to the world.

Our new location offers a renewed opportunity to foster a trans-disciplinary outreach to one of the leading research universities in the world. Our board has approved the exploration of collaborative research with our colleagues at Regis College, the Toronto School of Theology, the University of Toronto and other institutions of higher learning. The vast richness of intellectual resources at the University of Toronto alone stretches literally from aboriginal studies to zoology, with 20  research and professional faculties, 64 specialized centers and institutes, 87 departments, and innumerable undergraduate and graduate programs. For a community of scholars that appreciates the distinction of general and special categories, we are truly moving to the heart of a body of extraordinary intellectual activity.

To locate the new location of the Lonergan Research Institute on the University of Toronto map, click here and look for RG: Regis College (New) at the corner of Queen’s Park Crescent East and Wellesley Street West, just north and east of the Provincial Legislature, and opposite the Whitney Block.

Photo credit: Gordon Rixon, S.J.