The attached transcript (99100DTE080) is an excerpt of a 1981 conversation between Bernard Lonergan and Luis Morfin, in which Father Lonergan discusses insight into linguistic symbols. The audio file (99100A0E080) is available on the Marquette Lonergan wesbite but not here due to a technical limitation pertaining to the size of the file.

The audiofile was prepared by Richard Hess on behalf of the Lonergan Research Institute. The transcript was prepared by Robert M. Doran.

The LRI plans to make audio files prepared by Richard Hess available through the University of Toronto’s archival T-Space in the near future.

The Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada retain copyright on all expressions of Father Lonergan’s thought. Those wishing to cite the transcript or audio file are required to include the following acknowledgement: “Quoted with the permission of the Trustees of the Estate of Bernard J. F. Lonergan.”