Randall Stephen Rosenberg has successfully defended his dissertation, ‘Theory and Drama in Balthasar’s and Lonergan’s Theology of Christ’s Consciousness and Knowledge: An Essay in Dialectic,’ which was prepared under the supervision of Frederick Lawrence at  Boston College.

‘This dissertation explores the respective systematic theologies of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Bernard Lonergan. The primary methodological question is: Can both dramatic and theoretical categories complement each other to deepen our theological understanding of the mysteries of faith? In order to answer this question, this dissertation explores an issue in systematic theology and attends to the respective approaches of Lonergan and Balthasar. The primary theological question is: What are the implications of Christ’s consciousness and knowledge in general for his experience of the Cross? … [T]he dissertation affirms that the principal function of systematic theology is to achieve an understanding of the mysteries of faith through (1) natural analogy; (2) an analogy of faith; and (3) the interconnection of the mysteries with the human person’s final end. It also acknowledges that an aesthetic-dramatic operator underpins the theologian as he or she attempts to understand the permanently inexhaustible mysteries of faith.’ (From the Abstract.)

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