When Tuesday, 15 November 2011 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Lonergan Centre would like to invite you to the lecture:

Lonergan and Sexual Morality Dr. Michael Vertin, Professor Emeritus University of Toronto

Presentation in English. Disagreements on particular moral issues often reflect underlying but unnoticed differences on the more general question of how we properly make any moral judgments at all. This lecture will draw upon the writings of Bernard Lonergan to explore both that more general question and current disagreements on two particular issues of sexual morality, namely, contraceptive acts and homosexual acts.

Wine and cheese reception to follow the lecture.

When: Tuesday, November 15th, at 7pm Where: Amphitheatre, 1124, Guigues Hall, Saint Paul University, 223 Main St., Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 1C4 Cost: Free - Please register in advance. To register: centrelonergan@ustpaul.ca

For further information: 613-236-1393 Ext. 2347 or apauley@ustpaul.ca