Spring 2015

LRI is very pleased to announce that
two Visiting Scholars will join the LRI
community for the coming academic
year. Michael Ryall is Associate Pro‐
fessor of Strategy at Rotman School of
Business in the University of Toronto.
He received his PhD in Economics
from UCLA in 1997. His dissertation
on causal inference in game‐theoretic
settings arose from his deep interest
in epistemology and learning in game
‐theoretic contexts. This ongoing in‐
terest is reflected in numerous papers
using mathematical models to ana‐
lyze epistemological issues relating to
organizational performance under
competition. He was introduced to
Lonergan through LRI reading
groups, and last summer organized an
interdisciplinary group from LRI and
Rotman to read Insight. Lonergan has
helped him articulate questions about
method, insight, and conversion that
he is keen to explore during his visit
next year.
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