Lonergan Studies oculusAlthough there is no formal Lonergan studies program at Regis College, there is a recommended body of courses for students interested in focusing on Lonergan. These courses are selected with the following goals in mind:

  • To expose students to the foundational texts of Bernard Lonergan.
  • To place his thought in its proper historical and spiritual context.
  • To help students explore Lonergan’s contributions to systematic theology in the Catholic tradition.
  • To foster a dialogue with other disciplines and schools of theology and philosophy.

Please check the Toronto School of Theology Website to determine which courses are being offered in the current academic year.


RGT 3570Y/6570Y: Lonergan’s Insight / Dadosky
RGT 5223H: Lonergan’s Trinity: Systematics / Dadosky, Dias
RGT 5578H: Lonergan’s Method in Theology / Rixon
SAT 2715H: Introduction to Epistemology / Mulrooney
SMT 5210H: Augustine, Aquinas, Lonergan / Vertin
SMT 5521H: Rahner and Lonergan / Vertin


RGT 1101H: Foundations of Theology / Rixon
RGT 2712H: Theology as Biography / Dadosky
RGT 3222H/6222H: God, One and Triune / Mongeau
RGT 3243H/6243H: Christology / Mongeau
RGT 3333H/6333H: Transformative Dynamics of Grace / Wilkins
RGT 3410H/6410H: Ecclesiology / Dadosky
RGT 3601H/6601H: Faith and Culture / Dadosky
RGT 3706H: Ignatian Contribution to Contemporary Ecclesiology / Goulding
RGT 5239H: Holy Intimacy: Kenosis / Goulding
SMT 5522H: Lonergan and Sexual Morality / Vertin
RGT 5728H: Philosophy & Theology of Beauty / Dadosky
RLG 3230H: Comparative Theology Seminar / Locklin
SAT 2706H: Introduction to Metaphysics / Mulrooney
SMT 3411H: Theology of the Holy Spirit / Dias
SMT 5211H: God and Evil / Vertin


EMT 5605H: Theological Method and Hermeneutics / Reynolds
RLG3280H: Christianities of South Asia / Reid
RGT 2710H: Introduction to Aquinas / Mongeau
RGT 3551H/6551H: Aquinas: the Summa Contra Gentiles / Mongeau
RGT 3552H/6552H: Aquinas on the Spiritual Life / Mongeau
RGT 3553H/6553H: Aquinas on the Incarnation / Mongeau
RGT 3581H/6581H: Hans Urs von Balthasar / Goulding
RGT 5224H: Interface of Spirituality and Theology / Goulding
RLG 3236H: Religious Pluralism and the Church / Locklin
SAT 1711H: Introduction to Aquinas / Mulrooney
SMC456H1F: Indian Christianity / Reid
SMT 2433H: Sacramental Life / Dias