2016 Spring Bulletin of the Lonergan Research Institute

We are happy to bring you our latest Bulletin (Spring, 2016) with news and information on life at the Lonergan Research Institute.

Eric Mabry named LRI Interim Director

The process for appointing a new permanent Director of the Institute continues to unfold as an open collaboration between Regis College and the LRI Governing Board. In the meantime, it seemed best not to rush things, and the LRI Board is very pleased to announce that Eric Mabry has been named Interim LRI Director for one year, beginning August 1, 2016.

As the first doctoral candidate partially supported by an LRI Research Assistantship, Eric is a success story for the partnership between the Institute and Regis College. His four years on the ground as first assistant to the outgoing Director, Jeremy Wilkins, give him a unique familiarity with the day-to-day operations of the Institute. Eric has been a regular participant at various scholarly events like the West Coast Methods Institute at Loyola Marymount, and Lonergan on the Edge at Marquette. He has established a reputation for meticulous scholarship and thoughtful questions. An excellent Latinist, Eric was also a valuable collaborator in the preparation of the Collected Works edition of Lonergan’s Incarnate Word. Eric’s appointment signals the LRI’s ongoing commitment to the highest scholarly standards, and we are pleased he has agreed to be a bridge to the future.

The LRI Board and Regis continue to work together openly toward the joint appointment of a permanent Director.

CWL 8, The Incarnate Word, now available

The University of Toronto Press has recently added another volume to the Collected Works of Lonergan. The Incarnate Word, CWL 8, contains the first four of five parts in Bernard Lonergan’s De Verbo Incarnato, a Latin textbook for the course he taught at the Gregorian University in Rome. Fully translated and annotated, it brings to a wider audience Lonergan’s major contribution to Christology, the doctrine concerning the person of Christ. In this work, Lonergan applies his unique theory of consciousness to the question of the nature of Christ, the book offers a rich and provocative treatment of Christ’s consciousness and his human knowledge.

The Incarnate Word presents the original Latin and the first-ever English translation of the text on facing pages. The volume includes not only the final text of De Verbo Incarnato but also material which Lonergan had rewritten or eliminated from the 1964 Gregorian University edition.

Copies are available for sale in the LRI library (local purchases only), directly from the press, and from other vendors.

New books on Lonergan

The past year has seen several important contributions to Lonergan studies appear by Patrick Byrne, Michael McCarthy, and Mark Morelli. 

In The Ethics of Discernment, Patrick H. Byrne, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, presents an approach to ethics that builds upon the cognitional theory and the philosophical method of self-appropriation that Bernard Lonergan introduced in his book Insight, as well as upon Lonergan’s later writing on ethics and values. The Ethics of Discernment is an introspective analysis of the process of coming to objective judgments of value. Byrne’s sustained ethical inquiry and attentiveness to feelings as “intentions of value” leads to a rich conception of the good. Written both for those with an interest in Lonergan’s philosophy and for those interested in theories of ethics who have only a limited knowledge of Lonergan’s work, Byrne’s book is the first detailed exposition of an ethical theory based on Lonergan’s philosophical method.

In his acclaimed 1989 book, The Crisis of Philosophy, Michael H. McCarthy, Professor emeritus of Philosophy at Vassar College, argued for the superiority of Lonergan’s distinctive philosophical project to those of his analytic and phenomenological rivals. His latest offering, Authenticity as Self-Transcendence: The Enduring Insights of Bernard Lonergan, develops and expands the earlier argument with four new essays, designed to show Lonergan’s exceptional relevance to the cultural situation of late modernity.

Mark Morelli, Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University and director of the Los Angeles Lonergan Center, has published Self-Possession: Being At Home In Conscious Performance, a meditative exploration of our inescapable and fluid relationship to the fundamental ideals of Meaning, Objectivity, Knowledge, Truth, Reality, and Value upon which we depend to inform and guide our living. It is an attempt to describe the elusive interior experience of these basic notions at work in our conscious performance. This title can be purchased from the BC Lonergan Center for $25, although there is a discounted price available to those ordering the book for use with a class. To inquire, email Susan Legere at legeres@bc.edu.

Michael Shields turns 88!

Fr Michael Shields, SJ, longtime Librarian of the Institute and indefatigable translator of thousands of pages of Lonergan’s Latin—to the relief of many, no doubt!—turned 88 on February 8. Fr Mike is a member of the LaStorta Jesuit community in Pickering, Ontario. LRI Archival Associate Greg Lauzon and LRI Director Jeremy Wilkins took the train out to celebrate with Mike and some Jesuit companions. Congratulations on his birthday, and many thanks for his tireless work on behalf of Lonergan. Ad multos annos!