Oculus FideiNovember 15th Update: A five person crew hired by our general contractor Buttcon Limited from Concord Ontario has begun the modest structural alterations required in the second floor area that will house the future library, archive and offices of the Lonergan Research Institute. Since this area housed originally the private living quarters of the Christie family, the ceilings are generous in height and the finishings quite refined. Many of these original features will be retained as the work progresses. The space is deep, which will allow the archive room to be built with only interior walls adjoining other heated areas and, thus, avoid the use of any exterior walls subject to the temperature fluctuations of the Canadian seasons. This also means the archive room itself will have no windows and the papers will be well protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Although Toronto is cold in the winter, hot in the summer and hats are recommended for sun protection, the papers of Fathers Lonergan and Crowe will enjoy a constant climate in the shade.

The photo at the right is an image of the stairwell leading from the “Great Hall” on the ground floor to the second and third floors of the Christie Mansion. The skylight above has come to be known as the “Oculus Fidei.”

For other information about the LRI’s move with Regis College to the heart of the University of Toronto’s main campus, please click here.

Photo credit: Teo Ugaban, S.J.