Lonergan Research Institute MoveThe past month has brought a new sense of urgency in the midst of the endless details of renovations and move preparations. Even as we look forward to leaving the limitations of our current situation behind, transcendence seems burdened by many specific demands for attention. The primer and finish coats glisten on the walls of each of our four rooms (eggshell, off-white). The trim work is being milled for the library (to match or not to match the existing). The floor finishes have been selected: carpet for the library and offices, quarry tile for the archive room. A new postal code had been obtained from the deepest recesses of Canada Post’s bureaucracy (100 Wellesley Street West, Toronto ON M5S 2Z5, effective August 24). The coolant line for the archive’s dedicated air handlers is wending its way to the roof top air conditioning unit. Furniture is being assembled (begged, borrowed or otherwise legally appropriated). Cable is being pulled to the wireless access point (CAT6, much preferred to CAT5e). UV sleeves have been “spec’ed” for the fluorescent tubes. Old computing equipment is being appreciated for the last time, having its memory wiped and dispatched to green e-recyclers. New cheques and stationary have been ordered. Vendors and benefactors are being advised of our new coordinates. The last of the Crowe papers are been placed in archival boxes. New shelving is being purchased for the library and archive. UV filtering blinds are being sourced for the library windows. Donors and staff are calling to get a peak at the work in progress. And, amidst all these concrete occurrences, the galleys for Volume 11 The Triune God: Doctrines are being proof-read by Michael Shields and Danny Monsour. A most healthy dialectic of contraries thrives in Toronto.

The photo above shows a section of the library in mid-May, looking west from the middle of the room, with boarding and tapering complete, prior to the application of the first prime coat. Photo credit: Gordon Rixon, S.J.

For more information about the LRI’s move with Regis College to the heart of the University of Toronto’s main campus, please click here.