The University of Toronto Press has recently added another volume to the Collected Works of Lonergan. The Incarnate Word, CWL 8, contains the first four of five parts in Bernard Lonergan’s De Verbo Incarnato, a Latin textbook for the course he taught at the Gregorian University in Rome. Fully translated and annotated, it brings to a wider audience Lonergan’s major contribution to Christology, the doctrine concerning the person of Christ. In this work, Lonergan applies his unique theory of consciousness to the question of the nature of Christ, the book offers a rich and provocative treatment of Christ’s consciousness and his human knowledge.

The Incarnate Word presents the original Latin and the first-ever English translation of the text on facing pages. The volume includes not only the final text of De Verbo Incarnato but also material which Lonergan had rewritten or eliminated from the 1964 Gregorian University edition.

Copies are available for sale in the LRI library (local purchases only), directly from the press, and from other vendors.