Australian Catholic University student John David Little has successfully defended a dissertation entitled “Lonergan’s Intentionality Analysis and the Foundations of Organization and Governance: A Response to Ghoshal,” which was prepared under the supervision of Anthony Kelly.

The author explores the nature of organization and governance by applying a method of intentionality analysis as elaborated by Bernard Lonergan. While intentionality analysis has not been a major theme in the management literature, the late Sumantra Ghoshal drew attention to the consequences of neglecting the dimension of intentionality in business education and management theory (e.g., unethical practices, the collapse of corporations such as Enron). Rising to Ghoshal’s challenge, this thesis proposes a model relevant to all managerial tasks, clarifies a number of intricate epistemological questions, and emphasizes the vital role of self-knowledge and self-possession. The author draws on exercises previously used in his involvement in executive workshops. Contrasts are drawn to management theories on learning and strategy as found in the writings of Belbin, Janis, Kegan, Revans, Argyris, Nonaka, Takeuchi, Senge, Mintzberg, Ansoff, Lewis and Jaques. The project concludes with a discussion of the pedagogical challenges involved in presenting such material to managers, with reference to some contemporary developments in business education.

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