Boston College student Evaristus Okechukwu Ekwueme has successfully defended his dissertation, ‘Bernard Lonergan’s Notion of Emergent Probability: Computer Aided Insights and a Possible Implementation on African History,’ which was prepared under the supervision of Patrick Byrne.

‘This dissertation explores Bernard Lonergan’s notion of emergent probability as a world process …The focus of this dissertation is on … human cooperation based on conditioned series of schemes of recurrence of insight and bias with respect to the levels of operations. Just as human beings have a desire to know, they also have a desire to make, … and remake, … thereby accumulating insights and establishing higher viewpoints for further knowing, making and remaking. This desire to make and the pattern of technological experience presupposes the levels of operations: technology, economy, society, politics, and religion.…[C]omputer information system is a key illustration of Lonergan’s notion of emergent probability. If information is a component of emergent probability, then information systems should aim at the actualization of insight as information. … A possible implementation of an understanding of general notion of emergent probability and the primacy of insight as information can illuminate an understanding of the historical processes of the wheel of progress and defensive cycles operative in the African context. … [Cr]eative appropriation and technological liberation, and cosmopolis constitute a viable solution to the development of dynamic system of integrity and authentication for understanding African history. … The God presupposed by emergent probability becomes a solution to the problem of evil, the order of evil and social surd. …’

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