Darren J.E. Dias has defended his doctoral project “The Contribution of Bernard J.F. Lonergan to a Systematic Understanding of Religious Diversity,” which was prepared with the supervision of Robert M. Doran, S.J.

This dissertation is a systematic approach to the question of religious diversity … The “unified field structure” proposed by Robert M. Doran, which is comprised of Lonergan‘s four-point hypothesis coupled with a theory of history, serves as a theological framework and foundation toward an understanding of religious diversity that is open to and anticipates new developments that are bound to occur through the ongoing conversation between the world‘s religions. I argue that a Lonerganian-trinitarian approach will result in a new set of questions elicited by the context of religious diversity different from the current debates circumscribed by Christocentric, ecclesiological and soteriological concerns. Such an approach will result in a shift in discourse from causality to that of meaning and a concomitant movement from the metaphysical language and categories of a theoretical theology to the language and categories of a methodical theology derived from intentionality analysis. Lonergan‘s trinitarian thought and analysis of human development from above downwards that are explored in this dissertation are two significant areas that remain underexploited and which, I believe, have great potential for any theological enterprise.‘ (From the Abstract.)

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