On Friday October 24th, seventy friends of the Lonergan Research Institute gathered to hear Professor Kenneth R. Melchin of St. Paul University, Ottawa present the Seventh Annual Lonergan Lecture entitled “Democracy and the Transformation of Conflict: Ideas from Lonergan.” The lecture was well received and a spirited discussion followed. A podcast of the lecture is available online.

Earlier in the evening donors of the LRI enjoyed a reception and shared an opportunity to recognize the contributions of two of the LRI’s staff editors: Fathers Robert Croken, S.J. and Michael Shields, S.J., who together have contributed close to fifty years of service “preserving, promoting, devleoping and implementing the work of Father Lonergan.” Associate Director Michael Vertin read the citations and LRI Board Chair The Honorable John Reid presented the service awards. Well deserved congratulations go to Bob and Mike!

The next day at its Annual General Meeting, the LRI Board passed a unaimous motion thanking Father Ronald Chochol of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis for his service as Interim Director. Father Chochol helped the Institute address some financial and administrative challenges and has set its various projects on secure footing. Thank you Ron for charting the path to our future!