When Thursday, 29 October 2009 to Friday, 30 October 2009

The Marquette Lonergan Project has announced a colloquium in the fall on ‘Doing Catholic Systematic Theology in a Multireligious World.’ The colloquium will be held at Marquette University, October 29-30.


Thursday, October 29, 4 pm. Robert M. Doran, S.J., on ‘What Is the Gift of the Holy Spirit?’ This will be the Emmett Doerr Lecture for 2009.

Friday, October 30, 10 am, John Dadosky, Regis College, Toronto, on ‘Methodological Presuppositions for Engaging the Other in the Post-Vatican II Church: Contributions from Ignatius and Lonergan.’

Friday, October 30, 2 pm, Darren Dias, St. Michael’s College, Toronto, on ‘Trinitarian Theology and Religious Diversity: Finding a Systematic Framework.’

On Friday, a panel of Marquette theology professors will address Doran’s and Dadosky’s lectures in the morning, and a panel of Marquette theology graduate students will address Dias’s lecture in the afternoon. Recordings of the lectures and panel discussions as well as copies of the papers will be uploaded to www.bernardlonergan.com.