When Friday, 12 October 2012 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

2012 Lonergan LectureNeil Ormerod is research Professor of Theology at Australian Catholic University. He is widely published in international journals, such as Theological Studies and Irish Theological Quarterly, and has written books on grace, the Trinity, and globalization. His latest book, Creator God, evolving world (Fortess Press, 2013), soon to be published, is co-authored with Cynthia Crysdale. He has doctorates in theology and pure mathematics. In all his writings he draws inspiration from the intellectual legacy of Bernard Lonergan.

The topic of his lecture is ‘God and Science.’ Recently some atheists have claimed that science can now explain how the universe came ‘from nothing’.  The existence of God is then redundant in establishing the existence of the universe. Drawing on insights from the work of Bernard Lonergan, Neil Ormerod will demonstrate the emptiness of these claims, arguing that recent discoveries in physics show once again that the universe is deeply intelligible, and that this intelligibilty is presupposed rather than proved by science. Science is not opposed to religious belief; rather, it raises metaphysical questions which it cannot answer, but which point in the direction of an intelligent creator.

The lecture begins at 7:30 p.m. in the St Joseph Chapel at Regis College, 100 Welleseley Street West. Light refreshments to follow. Free and open to the public.